Dressing up for the Carnival: My time as “Manuel Neuer”.

February 8, 2023: Opinion Piece. Global Insights – MyView

Dressing up for carnival becomes increasingly challenging. While migrants are often requested to assimilate to absorb the identity of the host country, assimilating temporarily becomes more and more politically incorrect. Dressing up for carnival as Indian has been quite standard in the past. However, as some argue now, this is “stealing ethnic identity”, absurd as it is.

Hence, to avoid conflict, I disguise this year as “Manuel Neuer”, the prominent soccer goalkeeper of Bayern München. Yes, I never played (just watching) soccer. But somewhat like him I currently stay home after an accident on ice and be out of business for longer periods. After complex foot surgery I can, at least, claim to be an authentic patient. Unfortunately, partying in this carnival season is only virtual from home.


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