In 1986, I created the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE). I served as Secretary (1986-1992) and President (1994).

The gang of 5 celebating 20 years of ESPE in 2006 at a business meeting at IZA on June 7. Left picture below from left to right with roles in 1986 in parentheses: Pierre Pestieau (Vice-President), Gerhard Schmitt-Rink (Treasurer), Jo Ritzen (Local organizer of the first conference in Rotterdam), Klaus F. Zimmermann (Secretary) and Bernard van Praag (President).

The medal was provided by ESPE President 2006 Patricia Apps (right) & ESPE President 2007 Barry Chiswick (left) with Klaus F. Zimmermann during the 20th ESPE conference 2006 in Verona.


ESPE group photo of the 1986 founding congress in Rotterdam/The Netherlands.