Zimmermann meets GLO Fellows at Monash University

GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT and Melbourne University) met researchers on December 14 at Monash University for academic exchange.

Yves Zenou (Monash University and GLO) in his office.


Asad Islam and Yves Zenou (both Monash University and GLO) with Klaus F. Zimmermann (left)

Discussion with GLO Fellows about research issues and publication strategies. From the left: Jaai Parasnis (Monash University), Wei Xiao (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China), Klaus F. Zimmermann, Asad Islam (Monash University), Choon Wang (Monash University), Chandarany Ouch (Cambodia Development Resource Institute, CDRI) and Sakiba Tasneem (Monash University).


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