Zimmermann has been Visiting Professor at Macquarie University and provided a public lecture in the Lighthouse Lecture Series in Sydney

In November 2017, Klaus F. Zimmermann (Co-Director of POP at UNU-MERIT & Maastricht University & President of the Global Labor Organization, GLO) has been a Visiting Professor at Macquarie University in Sydney/Australia. He discussed research issues and policy perspectives with faculty including various local GLO Fellows (Zhiming Cheng, Natalia Ponomareva, Kompal Sinha and Ben Wang, among others), David Throsby and Associate Dean for Research, Lucy Taksa. 

On November 22, he provided a well-received Public Lecture in the Lighthouse Lecture Series of Macquarie University  on

Migration and Well-Being

introduced and directed by Lucy Taksa, also Professor of Management. The presentation ended with an intensive discussion.

To view the full event video and photos from the evening. Visit also the Faculty of Business and Economics webpage.

Overview and literature references:


(1) The Value of Mobility

(2) GDP or Happiness?

(3) Measurement of Happiness and Wellbeing

(4) Research Questions

(5) Migration and the Wellbeing of the Natives

(6) Wellbeing of Migrants and Conditions at Home

(7) Migrants Abroad and the Wellbeing of the Left Behind

(8) Conclusions and Challenges

His overview was based on the following key publications:

(5) Wellbeing of the Natives:

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(6) Migrants’ Wellbeing and Macroeconomic Conditions

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(7) Migrants Abroad and the Wellbeing of the Left Behind


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Social Remittances:

►M. Nikolova, M. Roman and K. F. Zimmermann: Left Behind but Doing Good? Civic Engagement in Two Post-Socialist Countries. Journal of Comparative Economics, 45 (2017), 658–684.


Zimmermann after the lecture:

Zimmermann and Lucy Taksa, Professor and Associate Dean for Research,   Faculty of Business and Economics of Macquarie University.

Sydney after the hour from the Sydney Tower Eye nearby:
Sydney Townhall by night nearby:


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