GLO President Zimmermann spoke in Wollongong/Australia on November 20, 2017.

Klaus F. Zimmermann (Co-Director of POP at UNU-MERIT & Maastricht University & President of the Global Labor Organization, GLO) visited the University of Wollongong on November 20 to discuss research issues with colleagues and various GLO Fellows. He provided a public lecture in the university, which was strongly attended by a large number of participants from various faculties.

Zimmermann was warmly welcomed and introduced by Executive Dean Charles Areni of the Business School of the University of Wollongong who also chaired the lecture event on “Global Migration Challenges”GLO Fellows Silvia Mendolia and Martin O’Brien (both University of Wollongong), among others, contributed significantly to the success of the visit.



…… back on holidays in the harbor of Wollongong on December 10, 2017:




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