Unexpected longevity, intergenerational policies, and fertility. Article just published in the Journal of Population Economics.

The paper uses an overlapping generations model to show that young agents reduce their fertility when longevity increases because they need to save more for their old age (“life-cycle effect”), and in the unexpected case, they also need to pay taxes to support the impoverished elderly (“policy effect”).

Hwang, J., Kim, S.K.: Unexpected longevity, intergenerational policies, and fertility.
Journal of Population Economics (March 2023). OPEN ACCESS.
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Vol. 36, Issue 2, April 2023: Journal of Population Economics (JOPE) 16 articles.
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Just published online:

Zhang, X., Zhang, X., Liu, Y. et al.: The morbidity costs of air pollution through the Lens of Health Spending in China. 
Journal of Population Economics (March 2023).
Link to free read: https://rdcu.be/c9ezp

Schön, M.: Demographic change and the rate of return in pay-as-you-go pension systems.
Journal of Population Economics (March 2023). OPEN ACCESS.

Huang, C., Li, C., Liu, F. et al.: Vaccination and risky behaviors: evidence from the hepatitis B vaccination campaign in China. Journal of Population Economics (March 2023).
Link to free read: https://rdcu.be/c88yM

Congdon Fors, H., Lindskog, A.: Son preference and education inequalities in India: the role of gender-biased fertility strategies and preferential treatment of boys. Journal of Population Economics (February 2023).

Casarico, A., Del Rey, E. & Silva, J.I.: Child care costs, household liquidity constraints, and gender inequality. Journal of Population Economics (February 2023).

Casarico, A., Lattanzio, S.: Behind the child penalty: understanding what contributes to the labour market costs of motherhood. Journal of Population Economics (February 2023).
Link to free read: https://rdcu.be/c5ZFr


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