Promoting Awareness: December 1, 2019 is World HIV/AIDS Day. Economic Research on the Consequences of the Disease.

The number of deaths from the HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to fall. This is particularly true in Africa with a striking example in South Africa, where new infections and deaths have both been reduced by 40 percent since 2010. However, the problem is still worrisome in the South of the USA and in Eastern Europe. (See the three figures below.)

The Journal of Population Economics has published a number of economic research articles on the disease and the societal consequences. The 2019 Kuznets Prize of the Journal was devoted to a recent article:

Yoo-Mi Chin & Nicholas Wilson, Disease risk and fertility: evidence from the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Journal of Population Economics, 31 (2018), 429–451.
The article shows that a fall in the disease risk decreases the total fertility rate in Africa, and hence contributes to the needed slowdown of population growth on the continent. Read the article for free read & share: LINK
Further articles free to read & share see below.



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