Meeting Beethoven & Goethe in Bonn

Bonn, Beethoven city in Germany. Since 17 May 2019, 700 green and golden Beethoven statues have occupied Münsterplatz in Bonn city center. The art installation is part of the run-up of the city to Beethoven’s anniversary in 2020 and finds much interest. Klaus F. Zimmermann, President of the Global Labor Organization (GLO) and currently the George Soros Chair Professor at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, has visited the Beethoven exhibition in Bonn on May 19 on his way to a business meeting in Uppsala, Sweden. The art installation is a forceful advertisement for the city and the 2020 Beethoven anniversary celebrations.

Zimmermann also visited the Bundeskunsthalle to study the new Goethe – Transformation of the World Exhibition. The exhibition details insights on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s views and contributions about the sorrows of young Werther, Faust, the Islam and open cultural communication, his theory of colors and his Italian journey. Very impressive and informative.


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