GLO President Zimmermann at GLO – supported conferences in 2018

GLO is the Global Labor Organization; Klaus F. Zimmermann is the GLO President.

Zimmermann will participate and speak at the forthcoming 2018 conferences (see below for more details): at Renmin University (October 20-21) and visit Beijing for most of October; Hong Kong (October 31 – November 2); Xiamen (December 8-9); Seoul (December 13-15) and Mumbai (December 19-21).

Zimmermann will also speak at the African Economic Conference 2018 (December 3-5) in Kigali, Rwanda. The African Economic Conference, a collaborative annual event hosted by the African Development Bank, Economic Commission for Africa, and the United Nations Development Program will meet this year on the topic: “Regional and Continental Integration for Africa’s Development”.

REMINDER –  forthcoming GLO – supported events in 2018:

Past GLO – supported events 2018

Klaus F. Zimmermann (GLO and UNU-MERIT)


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