European leaders still do not find a proper response to the refugee issue. Nevertheless, Europeans wish to help those fleeing violence and war.

EU leaders again failed to reach progress on the burden sharing allocation of refugees across member states in their meeting in Salzburg this week (19-20/09/2018).

Nevertheless, Europeans are more open to help those fleeing violence and war than in other parts of the world. The chart below provided by statista on the basis of PEW Research Center data shows this. In key countries like Sweden, Germany and Spain over 80% of the respondents of a survey are open to support this position with Hungary as an exception. But the PEW study shows that Europeans disapprove the handling of the issue by policymakers.

Infographic: Support For Refugees Highest In Western Europe | Statista

Klaus F. Zimmermann (GLO & UNU – MERIT): “It remains a European tragedy, since a solution through a quota system would be straightforward and doable. A long way to go for a better European solidarity on the refugee issue!”

Zimmermann is the President of the Global Labor Organization (GLO), which takes no institutional position.


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