GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann visits Jinan University in March 2019. Workshop on the Belt & Road Initiative in Guangzhou, China.

Coming from Kuala Lumpur as a Visiting Professor of the University of Malaya, GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann will arrive on March 17 in Guangzhou, China, spending the week at IESR, Jinan University. He will attend the IESR-GLO Workshop on “Belt and Road” Labor Markets he organizes together with Shuaizhang Feng, the IESR Director and Dean. A focus of the workshop will be China, South Asia and South East Asia. Klaus F. Zimmermann will speak at the workshop about “Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water in Bangladesh: Knowledge and Response”.

Shuaizhang Feng and Klaus F. Zimmermann in 2018 during a previous visit at Jinan University.


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