GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann Met GLO Officers in Guangzhou/China

On the invitation of Professor and Dean Shuaizhang Feng, Head of the Institute for Economic and Social Research (IESR), the President of the Global Labor Organization (GLO), Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT, Maastricht), visited Jinan University in Guangzhou/China from March 11 to March 20. Together with GLO Fellow Feng, he has organized a joint IESR – GLO Labor Workshop that took place at Jinan University on March 13, 2018.

Zimmermann used the visit to meet with various GLO activists to discuss further GLO ventures in Asia, for instance with Niaz Asadullah (University of Malaysia) see also, who is the Southeast Asia Lead of GLO and Corrado Giulietti (University of Southampton), who is GLO Research Director and Lead of the China Program of GLO.

They also met Professor Zhong Zhao of Renmin University of China, also a GLO Fellow, to discuss further GLO activities in Beijing.

Zhong Zao gave a research seminar at Jinan University on March 14, 2018, on “Does Free Education Help to Combat Child Labor?” He evaluated the effect of a free compulsory education reform in rural China on the child labor incidence. In his study, he exploited the cross-province variation in the roll-out of the reform and applied a difference-in-differences strategy to identify the causal effects of the reform. Zhong Zao’s research finds that exposure to the free compulsory education significantly reduces the incidence of child labor for boys, but has no significant effect on the likelihood of child labor for girls. Specifically, one additional semester of free compulsory education decreases the incidence of child labor for boys by 8.1 percentage points. Moreover, the free compulsory education reform may induce parents to reallocate resources towards boys within the household.

Corrado Giulietti's profile photo

Corrado Giulietti, GLO Research Director, University of Southampton, a renowned China expert.


Above from the left Zhong Zao, Shuaizhang Feng, and Klaus F. Zimmermann during the seminar of Professor Zao.

Below: M Niaz Asadullah (left) and Klaus F. Zimmermann before the seminar of Professor Zao.


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