Kuznets Prize Dinner with Le Wang of the University of Oklahoma in Washington DC

The Kuznets Prize is a prestigious scientific award given by the Journal of Population Economics for the best paper published in the Journal. The Kuznets Prize 2018 has been awarded to Chunbei Wang and Le Wang of the University of Oklahoma for their article:

Knot yet: Minimum marriage age law, marriage delay, and earnings

The article was published in the Journal of Population Economics (2017), 30(3), pp. 771-804. (The article is freely accessible for one months after the dinner event. Just click on the title above. For all the details about the prize and the article content see also here.)

The Prize was presented at a dinner event of the Global Labor Organization (GLO) in Washington DC on February 8, 2018. In a ceremony, Le Wang received the Prize Certificate from the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, Klaus F. Zimmermann, who is also the President of GLO.

After intensive talks: Dinner with the Kuznets Prize winner Le Wang:

From the left: Hai-Anh H. Dang (World Bank), Brian W. Sloboda (US Department of Labor), Barry Chiswick (George Washington University), Carmel Chiswick (George Washington University), Emmanuel Abuelafia (Inter-American Development Bank), Miryam Hazan (Inter-American Development Bank), Le Wang (Oklahoma University), Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT, Maastricht University & Bonn University) and Don Parsons (George Washington University).


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