Visiting the Land of Fire. Zimmermann on tour in Azerbaijan IV

The President of the Global Labor Organization (GLO), Klaus F. Zimmermann, was visiting Baku, Azerbaijan, on November 10-13 to discuss research and policy issues. MORE DETAILS. On November 10, he was visiting modern Baku and enjoyed some of the local culture. On November 10 in the afternoon, he has been in the old city of Baku, and on November 11, among others, in the Gobustan National Park, saw the Petroglyphs and investigated the Zoroastrian temple of Ateshgah (Part III). At the end, he inspected Yanardag, the burning mountain. Why is Azerbaijan called the “Land of Fire”?

Zimmermann at Yanardag

A national dish at fire.













Eternal fire at the temple of Ateshgah

Oil production everywhere….

With great tourist guide.



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