The EBES 2024 Istanbul Conference Started on July 4, 2024

The 48th EBES Conference – Istanbul takes place on July 4 – 6, 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey (conference details), and is hosted by the Istanbul Ticaret University.

The highlight of the first day was the appointment of John Rust (Georgetown University) to EBES Fellow 2024 to honor his lifetime achievements in the area of structural econometrics and microeconomics, particularly for the structural estimation of dynamic discrete choice models. EBES President Klaus F. Zimmermann also outlined the broad body of research that Rust conducted throughout his career on many challenging applied micro issues. He mentioned John Rust’s early support for EBES, his engagement in supporting conference making by providing the Conference Maker software, and the organization of jobmarket activities for young economists. Zimmermann called John Rust a role model for economists and a “good citizen”.

John Rust delivered his keynote speech on “Can the Earth Support 10 Billion People by 2100?”. Fertility decline, population ageing, climate change, and demographic imbalances in Asia, Europe, and Africa will make the future challenging. His analysis was well received and discussed intensively by the EBES audience. 

Arrived at the conference venue: John Rust, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Jonathan Batten, Cristiano Antonelli & Christos Kollias.

Mehmet Bilgin, Christos Kollias, Klaus F. Zimmermann, John Rust,
Cristiano Antonelli, Ender Demir & Jonathan Batten
Celebrating Success

Charming Istanbul


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