Successful year for IZA in research and policy advice

iza2015In 2015, IZA has achieved substantial progress in research, policy advice, media presence, scientific communication, and technology. In fact, the past year can be considered one of the most successful years of the institute. IZA’s work is well respected and highly reputed in the research and policy communities in Germany and globally.

IZA’s overriding aim is to find sustainable solutions for the problems in today’s labor markets and to actively shape tomorrow’s labor economics. As an economic research institute, IZA coordinates the largest worldwide network of economists focusing on the scientific analysis of national and international labor markets. Much of our success is owed to this network of IZA fellows and affiliates.

As a think tank, IZA also provides scientifically founded advice to decision makers. Academic excellence and integrity, both among local staff and network members, is a prerequisite to realizing IZA’s vision as a place of communication between academic science and political practice.

Policy advice based on independent research

At the core of IZA’s success is the systematic combination of research and evidence-based policy advice, nationally and globally, from an independent and non-partisan position. The IZA network is the platform for policy-oriented frontier research and its dissemination in labor economics.

These are some selected achievements in 2015:

Read more in a brief IZA 2015 Report (PDF).

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