Publishing in good journals: Large interest among University of Malaya (UM) scholars in a seminar with UM Visiting Professor Klaus F. Zimmermann

The University of Malaya expects scholars to participate in the world-wide efforts to push the research frontier with good publications in respected academic journals. Hence, about 90 members of the university had registered for a seminar on March 15, 2019 with UM Visiting Professor Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT, Maastricht and GLO), who is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Population Economics, the leading outlet in that field. He is or has been involved as editorial board member with a few dozens of good journals and has published over 150 articles in refereed international journals. He explained the editorial process from all sides and pointed at key factors to increase the chances of publication success. The session continued by many questions of participants and the presentation of the results of a survey among the participating scholars about their interests and ambitions. The responses signaled a significant motivation of the UM scholars for the publication challenge.

Last preparations


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