Migration Research: Journal, Handbook, Network, Prize

In addition to a wide range of projects, IZA has been making significant progress in its migration activities. What follows is a brief report on just a few highlights so far.

The IZA Journal of Migration  is currently receiving the largest attention from the economics profession in terms of submitted and published papers and access among the 5 new IZA Journals published by IZA, the Institute for the Study of Labor , in cooperation with the renowned international publisher Springer Verlag. Amelie Constant  (George Washington University, Temple University and IZA) and Denis Fougere (CNRS) as Editors and Corrado Giulietti (IZA) as Managing Editor are responsible for this remarkable success in short time; they are supported by an excellent team of 10 Associated Editors who are all leaders of the field. The IZA Journal of Migration has already cooperated with other prestigious academic journals like the Journal of Human Capital in joint events. The innovative contributions published in the IZA Journal of Migration can be followed through this page.

The International Handbook on the Economics of Migration  edited by Amelie Constant (George Washington University and Temple University, and IZA) and Klaus F. Zimmermann (IZA and Bonn University). Just published by the renowned international publisher Edward Elgar, the handbook was already acclaimed by leading economic scholars and presented at prestigious events and briefings hosted at the Academy of Science Warsaw; Temple University, Philadelphia/USA; Georgia State University, Atlanta/USA, Eugenides Foundation Athens Greece; IZA Reform Workshop with the EU Commission Brussels; IZA Policy Fellow Meeting, Berlin. There will be special book presentations at the end of October 2013 at CASS, Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, and in November 2013 at Brookings Institute, Washington DC/USA.

The IZA Migration Network headed by Amelie Constant (George Washington University and Temple University, and IZA) had organized this year its very successful conference with the support of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Leading scholars of migration discussed the relationship between migration and human capital in a workshop under the leadership of Isaac Ehrlich (University at Buffalo, SUNY and IZA), Corrado Giulietti, Research Director of IZA, and Klaus F. Zimmermann (IZA and Bonn University), also Director of IZA.

The Luxembourg-based EIB Institute of the European Investment Bank awarded IZA Director Klaus F. Zimmermann with the first European EIB Prize for excellence in social and economic research and its implementation and diffusion. According to the prize committee chaired by Nobel laureate Christopher Pissarides (London School of Economics), Zimmermann’s outstanding research on migration and labor market issues has “led to a better understanding of the forces at work in Europe and of suitable policy prescriptions.”

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