Language training of unemployed immigrants increases employment probabilities

A new paper published in the Journal of Population Economics finds for German data that the employment probability of unemployed immigrants increases strongly with language training.

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Employment effects of language training for unemployed immigrants
by Julia Lang

Published ONLINE FIRST 2021: Journal of Population Economics OPEN ACCESS.

Author Abstract: Proficiency in the host country’s language is an important factor for the successful labor market integration of immigrants. In this study, I analyze the effects of a language training program for professional purposes on the employment opportunities of participants in Germany. I apply an instrumental variable approach and exploit differences in lagged local training intensities. Bivariate probit estimates show that 2 years after the program started, the employment probability of immigrants who were unemployed in 2014 and participated in the program had increased by more than nine percentage points as a result of language training.

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Journal of Population Economics
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