INBAM & GLO join forces

The International Network of Business & Management Journal Editors (INBAM) brings together experienced journal editors and world class researchers. The Global Labor Organization (GLO) deals with the challenges related to human resources in a global context. Both organizations decided to collaborate.

The Global Labor Organization (GLO) is an international, independent, non-partisan and non-governmental organization that has no institutional position. The GLO functions as an global network and virtual platform for researchers, policy makers, practitioners and the general public interested in scientific research and its policy and societal implications on global labor markets, demographic challenges and human resources.

The International Network of Business & Management Journal Editors (INBAM) is a UK registered charity dedicated to two central objectives:

First, of advancing the knowledge of the academic community (and particularly of junior researchers), practitioners and the general public on the subject of research promotion and publishing  in journals of business, management and associated social sciences.

Second, of supporting  and encouraging the education of young researchers, early and later career academics wherever they may live or work, in the development, composition and publishing of their research papers in reputable journals.

INBAM brings together its experienced journal editor members and academics researchers in a mutually supportive system of workshops, conferences and training sessions in different countries, especially where the supportive educational framework is in a development phase.


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