A Second Chance for Europe

A new book by Jo Ritzen published by Springer asks for A Second Chance for Europe. It provides economic, political and legal perspectives of the European Union.

This book invites to rethink and reboot the European Union. The authors dissect the EU’s many vulnerabilities: how some Member States are backsliding on the rule of law,
freedom of the press, and control of corruption – and how globalization’s ‘discontents’ are threatening the liberal international order. It examines the need for a common
immigration policy; the need to rethink the unsustainable debt overhang of some Eurozone countries; and the need to use education to foster a European identity.

Given the sum total of these vulnerabilities, the book argues, the EU may not survive beyond 2025 in its present form – that is, unless decisive action is taken. In turn, the book
puts forward a number of workable solutions: a European economic model to secure full employment; a stronger European Court of Human Rights to counter systemic violations; a points-based immigration policy; clear exit options for the Eurozone; and an Open Education Area with a common second language. These solutions may reduce the number of EU countries, but would increase cohesion and overall survivability.

The book is based on previous joint work of Jo Ritzen with a number of scientists, including Klaus F. Zimmermann (Princeton University, UNU-MERIT and GLO), who has co-authored two chapters in the book. Zimmermann is also President of the Global Labor Organization (GLO).

To order the book, see the product flyer.

Zimmermann in his garden in Bonn with a copy of the new book.


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