Klaus F. Zimmermann (GLO & Free University Berlin) spoke at the beginning of the summer term in the Research Seminar of the Free University School of Business & Economics.

On April 29, Klaus F. Zimmermann presented his joint work with Shu Cai (Jinan University) on Social Assimilation and Labor Market Outcomes of Migrants in China online in the Research Seminar of the School of Business & Economics of the Free University of Berlin. His talk marked the beginning of the summer term of the seminar series chaired by Ronnie Schöb.

Klaus F. Zimmermann, Professor Emeritus of Bonn University, now affiliated with UNU-MERIT at Maastricht University, is also an Honorary Professor of the Free University (FU) since 2001. In this capacity, he is currently providing a seminar for Free University Master students on “Scientific Policy Advice” (“Wissenschaftliche Politikberatung”). In his opening words to the seminar, Ronnie Schöb, in the presence of the chair of the Economics Department Giacomo Corneo (Dekan), thanked Zimmermann for his 20 years of service for the Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Zimmermann stressed his excitement interacting with FU students during this period, which also overlapped a decade with his period as President of the DIW Berlin.

The research presentation was based on GLO Discussion Paper No. 716.

“Previous research on internal mobility has neglected the role of identity as in studies analyzing China’s Great Migration, although context and adaption are likely to be quite different. Examining social assimilation and labor market outcomes in China, the country with the largest internal mobility in the world, closes the gap. Instrumental variable estimation reveals that identifying as local significantly increases migrants’ hourly wages and reduces hours worked, although monthly earnings remain unchanged. Migrants with strong local identity are more likely to use local networks in job search, and to obtain jobs with higher average wages and lower average hours worked.”


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