Journal of Population Economics Online Event on December 6, 2021: Presentation of Kuznets Prize 2022 and Highlights of Issue 4/2021.

The Journal of Population Economics (JOPE) announces an event for December 6, 16:00-18:00 CET (Maastricht/Dutch time) to present the Kuznets Prize 2022 and a selection of the articles from issue 34(4)/2021. The event is supported by GLO and hosted by UNU-MERIT via Zoom. Editor-in-Chief Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT, Maastricht University, Netherlands, and GLO) will welcome the participants and present the prize. Managing Editor Michaella Vanore, (UNU-MERIT, Maastricht University, Netherlands, and GLO) will guide through the event. Editor Terra McKinnish (University of Colorado Boulder, USA, and GLO) and Associate Editor Kompal Sinha (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, and GLO) will also attend to chair sessions. This is a unique opportunity to keep contact with fresh research and to meet the researchers behind.

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The event will highlight a selection of the 10 articles published in issue 34(4)/2021 entirely on Covid-19 issues. All articles are published freely accessible and possible to download.

Since the first days of the pandemic, the journal has become a leading outlet for research on the disease by publishing influential articles. JOPE will continue to strengthen this reputation.

Open to the public. Mark your calendars. Detailed program below. The event will be recorded. Please click the link to join the webinar on December 6, 2021; 16:00-18:00 CEST: LINK

Welcoming Remarks: Michaella Vanore (Managing Editor)
Kuznets Prize 2022: Announcement and presentation: Klaus F. Zimmermann (Editor-in-Chief)

Session I. (16:30-17:15) Chair: Kompal Sinha (Associate Editor)
Martin Kahanec: The impact of repeated mass antigen testing for COVID-19 on the prevalence of the disease
Daniel Graeber: COVID-19: a crisis of the female self-employed 
Augusto Cerqua: Local mortality estimates during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy 

Session II. (17:15-18:00) Chair: Terra McKinnish (Editor)
Lamis Kattan: Stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and trust   
Piergiuseppe Fortunato: Coronagraben in Switzerland: culture and social distancing in times of COVID-19 
Isaure Delaporte: The distributional consequences of social distancing on poverty and labour income inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean   

Volume 34, Issue 4, October 2021  with 10 articles on Covid-19 all freely accessible.

Lead article Issue 3/2021

TOP 5 of Covid-19 papers in the Journal of Population Economics (as of November 29, 2021):

1. Qiu, Y., Chen, X. & Shi, W.: Impacts of social and economic factors on the transmission of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in China. J Popul Econ 33, 1127–1172 (2020).
Springer measures: 59k accesses, 146 citations; Google citations: 364

2. Bonacini, L., Gallo, G. & Scicchitano, S.: Working from home and income inequality: risks of a ‘new normal’ with COVID-19. J Popul Econ 34, 303–360 (2021).
Springer measures: 42k accesses, 46 citations; Google citations: 146

3. Milani, F.: COVID-19 outbreak, social response, and early economic effects: a global VAR analysis of cross-country interdependencies. J Popul Econ 34, 223–252 (2021).
Springer measures: 10k accesses, 33 citations; Google citations: 66

4. Papageorge, N.W., Zahn, M.V., Belot, M. et al.: Socio-demographic factors associated with self-protecting behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic. J Popul Econ 34, 691–738 (2021).
Springer measures: 13k accesses, 32 citations; Google citations: 128

5. Bonacini, L., Gallo, G. & Patriarca, F.: Identifying policy challenges of COVID-19 in hardly reliable data and judging the success of lockdown measures. J Popul Econ 34, 275–301 (2021).
Springer measures: 4.8k accesses, 27 citations; Google citations: 46


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