Five GLO/EHERO Sessions on “Happiness Economics” at the 2021 Virtual Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies: Report and Plans for 2022.

2021 Virtual Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
ISQOLS 2021 CONFERENCE: “Quality-of-life and Adaptation in a Virulent World”

The Global Labor Organization (GLO) and the Erasmus Happiness Research Organization (EHERO) joined forces for the third time in organizing five happiness economics sessions during the 19th International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS) Virtual Conference (23-27 August, 2021).

Chaired by GLO Fellow Martijn Hendriks, each session featured three or four presentations, followed by comments by a dedicated discussant, and questions from the audience. Despite the online format, the sessions had many attendees and featured lively discussions. The sessions have by now become a key part of the ISQOLS conference and a signature event of the GLO Happiness Economics cluster.

This year, the GLO/EHERO sessions also featured presentations of chapters from the section “Welfare, Well-being, Happiness” of the forthcoming Springer Nature Handbook “Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics” that is edited by GLO Fellow and Happiness Economics Cluster Lead Milena Nikolova. The Handbook’s Editor-in-Chief is GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann.  

2021 Event

GLO/EHERO Special Sessions (ISQOLS 2021) on Friday, 27 August 2021

GLO/EHERO sessions conference program.

The video recordings of the presentations are available below next to the program.

GLO/EHERO Special Sessions (ISQOLS 2022)

Given the success of the sessions, the co-organizers Martijn Hendriks (GLO/EHERO), Martijn Burger (EHERO), and Milena Nikolova (GLO Fellow and Cluster Lead “Economics of Happiness”) will organize again special sessions at the 20th ISQOLS Annual Conference that will take place between 3-6 August in Burlington, Vermont, USA.

These special sessions are invitation-based to guarantee that the presentations are of high quality.

GLO – EHERO organizers

Dr. Milena Nikolova (University of Groningen and GLO), Dr. Martijn Hendriks (EHERO and GLO) and Dr. Martijn Burger (EHERO and Open Universiteit)

2021 Virtual Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
ISQOLS 2021 CONFERENCE: “Quality-of-life and Adaptation in a Virulent World”

GLO/EHERO Special Sessions (ISQOLS 2021) on Friday, 27 August 2021, times all CEST

Happiness Economics I: 06.00-07.40

Video Session I

  • Stephanie Rossouw and Talita Greyling: Big Data and Happiness
  • Olga Popova and Vladimir Otrachshenko: Religion and happiness
  • Clemens Hetschko, Andreas Knabe and Ronnie Schöb: Happiness, Work and Identity
  • Martin Binder and Ann-Kathrin Blankenberg: Self-Employment and Subjective Well-Being

Happiness Economics II: 10.00-11.40

Video Session II

  • Diana Tam and Arthur Grimes: The Economics of Free Speech: A Subjective Wellbeing Approach
  • Philip Morrison: Whose happiness in which cities? The urban wellbeing paradox revisited
  • Martijn Hendriks and Randall Birnberg: Happiness in the daily socio-cultural integration process: A day reconstruction study among US immigrants in Germany
  • Jeehoon Han and Caspar Kaiser: Changes in Time Use and Happiness

Happiness Economics III: 12.00-13.40

Video Session III

  • Richard Easterlin and Kelsey O’Connor: The Easterlin Paradox 
  • Alberto Prati and Claudia Senik: Feeling good or feeling better?
  • Robin Konietzny, Milena Nikolova and Bart Los: Trade and Job (In)Security: The Two Sides of Occupational Import Exposure

Happiness Economics IV: 14.00-15.40

Video Session IV

  • Carol Graham, Emily Dobson and James Kunhardt: When Public Health Crises Become Entwined: How Trends in COVID-19, Deaths of Despair, and Well-being Track Across the U.S.A.
  • Francesco Sarracino, Kelsey O’Connor, Chiara Peroni, Talita Greyling and Stephanie Rossouw: Well-being expressed through Twitter during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
  • Julia Schmidtke, Clemens Hetschko, Gesine Stephan, Michael Eid, Ronnie Schöb and Mario Lawes:  The impact of Covid-19 on mental health and well-being. An event-study based on high-frequency longitudinal survey data

Happiness Economics V: 19.00-20.40

Video Session V

  • Paul Fenton Villar: Is there a Mineral-Induced ‘Economic Euphoria’?: Evidence from Latin America
  • Mariano Rojas, Karen Watkins and Lázaro Rodríguez: The Happiness of CEOs in Family and Nonfamily Firms: Different Explanatory Structures and its Consequences
  • Annie Tubadji: Consumer Happiness and AI Sensitivity to Cultural and Moral Preferences


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