Do containment measures slow down the Corona crisis?

A new GLO Discussion Paper suggests that containment measures may pay off in slowing down proliferation of the Corona virus.

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GLO Discussion Paper No. 487, 2020

France and Germany Exceed Italy, South Korea and Japan in Temperature-Adjusted Corona Proliferation: A Quick and Dirty Sunday Morning AnalysisDownload PDF
Puhani, Patrick A.

GLO Fellow Patrick A. Puhani

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Author Abstract: Measures to contain the Corona virus (COVID-19) may pay off in terms of slowing down proliferation. The proliferation trend in France and Germany now exceeds the one in Italy, South Korea and Japan. At the same time, the containment measures seem more intense in Italy, South Korea and Japan than in France and Germany. Nevertheless, decision makers in France and Germany as in other countries need to compare the costs of containment (such as various forms of shut downs, cancellations of events, school closures, isolation, quarantine) with the costs of a faster proliferation of the virus. This is a “quick and dirty Sunday morning” analysis of confirmed Corona cases as published in CSSEGISandData by the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.

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