Covid-19 vaccination paper now accepted for publication in the Archives of Public Health.

Vu M. Ngo, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Phuc V. Nguyen, Toan Luu Duc Huynh and Huan H. Nguyen (2021). “How education and GDP drive the COVID-19 vaccination campaign”, UNU-MERIT Working Paper #2021-046. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16757GLO Discussion Paper No. 986. Forthcoming 2022 OPEN ACCESS: Archives of Public HealthPrepublication.

Contributions to the Covid-19 debate receive broad attention. The Zimmermann et al. (2020) paper (see below) got #TopDownloadedArticle status in the journal The World Economy.

Further Covid-19 related research include:

  • Gokhan Karabulut, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin and Asli Cansin Doker (2021), “Democracy and COVID-19 Outcomes”. Economics Letters (EL-Prepublication, EL-Online Appendix) Volume 203, June 2021, 109840 Open Access; free PDF.
    (50 Google cites as of June 16, 2022.)


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