ASSA Meeting in San Diego started: Kuznets Prize Ceremony Tonight with Nobel Prize Winner Jim Heckman present.

The Kuznets Prize of the Journal of Population Economics is given tonight in San Diego/USA at the IESR reception (6-8pm) at the ASSA 2020 Conference.

Details on the prize -winning article, the authors and the event. Entry is open freely for ASSA 2020 participants.

IESR Dean Shuaizhang Feng (Jinan University), also an Editor of the Journal of Population Economics will open the event as the host. Editor-in-Chief and GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann will introduce the award; and Nobel Prize Winner Jim Heckman (University of Chicago), also an Associate Editor of the Journal, will present the award certificates to the three authors.

The article:
Gautam Hazarika, Chandan Kumar & Sudipta Sarangi:
(please click title for FREE READ LINK)
Ancestral ecological endowments and missing women
Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 32 (2019), Issue 4 (October), pp. 1101-1123.


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